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There are two great additions to your lawn that you should know about fertilizers and mulch. However, it is important to apply them correctly. Directly applying mulch onto the soil can improve the quality of your yard by acting as a protective layer. This helps retain moisture in the soil and prevents erosion. But applying it improperly can lead to expensive mistakes. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to get mulching services from a trusted landscaping company like Nueva Esperanza. We can mulch your entire landscape, including your lawn, trees, and shrubs in Zion, IL.

The Importance of Mulch

There are various types of mulch, including organic and inorganic options. Regardless of the type, the purpose of mulch remains the same. Mulch is used to prevent soil erosion, which can cause grass and other plants to die. Additionally, it helps to retain moisture in the soil, which is crucial for plant growth. Mulch can even act as a natural fertilizer by providing nutrients to your lawn. Adding mulch to your landscape is an excellent way to maintain it unless you already use a mulching service.

What Sets Our Services Apart

Our landscaping team is highly skilled in the art of landscape and mulch, making us stand out from other companies in the area. We recognize the significance and effectiveness of mulch, which is why we apply it with the utmost care. Even if you’re not present during our work, be confident that we have distributed the mulch flawlessly. We can also tailor the mulch to your preferences, including specific colors. If you need your landscape to be mulched, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nueva Esperanza is the mulching service provider you can count on to set mulch aside in the right places. Do you want the lawn in your property in Zion, IL to be professionally mulched? Give us a call at (224) 575-8129 now so we can start with the mulch right away!

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